Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bloggin' Noob

For those who don't know what a "noob" is, it's someone who is a newbie or new to something. I have considered started a blog for a couple years, but I finally decided to go ahead with it. However, being a noob, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, so any feedback would be a huge help. 

The main reason that I started this blog was because today I joined a creative writing course online. The course is a self-paced class which has to be completed within six months. There are assignments and exams like any regular class, but I get to explore the lessons at my own pace. With these teachings, I'm hoping improve on my writing abilities and become more confident. 

Some of the things that I will be posting on this blog will be:
    * Writing Exercises
    * Assignments
    * Daily Ramblings (when I remember)
       - The course suggests writing everyday, no matter how little
    * Book Reviews

What I would like from you, the reader:
    * Feedback on my writing/blog in general
    * Writing Prompts or Questions you would like answered
    * All participation will be greatly appreciated


  1. hi :D
    you should allow followers :D
    im martha (from )by the way.
    and welcome to the world of blogging :D

    1. I added the gadget, thanks for pointing that out to me =]