Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random Scribblings

Words fly from th page, swirling around my head in the most dizzying fashion. Sentences no longer formed in my brain, leaving me broken and confused. What was I supposed to do now? The familiar feeling of uncertainty crept up my spine, caressing me. A light at the end of the tunnel beckons me on. Leads me down he right path. Rearranging and becoming more linear in pattern. Still, they held no meaning. It was no longer terrifying, just spectacular. They are becoming fuzzy. I try to read the sentences fast enough, before they fade completely. I can't. Again, I am startled awake by the dream that has haunted me forever. The full message never received, I stretch out in the warm white linens of my queen sized bed, hugging the pillow tightly to my side. It is the only thing that comforts me. Knowing it was just a dream and coming back to the real world. I believe its because I'm scared. Scred of what it might mean or how it will change my life. Smiling softly, I imagine all the ridiculous advice that could be swirling around in that fishbowl of words. Deep within my soul, I know the message is important. Life changing. Sighing heavily, I pull myself from between the sheets. Ready for yet another day of contemplation and confusion. Unaware that today would be the beginning of my journey. The journey to the discovery of the message in my dreams and who I really am.

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